Smart Lamps

Versatile Home & office Tool

LumiCharge II

Premium Smart Lamp

Custom Lighting

- 10 levels of brightness

- 3 hues (blue, white, yellow)

- LED lighting

Built In – Universal Phone Charging Stand

Patented Phone dock compatible with any brand phone + 10W Fast Wireless Charger allows charging two phonessimultaneously On the Lamp Base.

Smart Display

Lumicharge features a built-in LED screen that displays helpful information like the time, date and temperature to keep you on time and prepared for most anything.

High Quality Material : Coated with Silver infused 

AntiBacterial material , inhibits the growth of bacteria

On the surface. Safety for the whole family.

Motion Sensing

With the built-in motion sensor you never have to worry about running into anything in the dark again. When you enter a dark room motion sensor will light up to show you the keys to turn the on Lumicharge.

Multi-Functional ,Space Saving Design, Add On Clip for Iwatch Charging, Cup Holder and Head Set Hanging Clip. Additional USB Port for 3rd device to charge.

Versatile technology

Perfect for work or Home

Beautifully Engineered Product. phenomenal Customer Service!

"This is a very cleverly designed and engineered lamp with thoughtful and useful features. Although smaller than I thought it would be, it emits brilliant light and the charging ports are great."



"I never knew such a thing existed in the marketplace. This is amazing! I am always interchanging my lamp light with my charger, and with my laptop charger. This neat light provides not only light but charges my phone! It was very easy to setup and plug right in. It has a charging bay for Apple and Android Phones! There is also a motion activated nightlight that is so convenient. It comes on when my 2 year old wakes up at night and gets in the bed with us. It helps her see."

- Anonymous

Absolutely Perfect

"Excellent night light. Perfect for reading. Versatile. Really love it and what I love the most is the customer service. I had problems resetting the night light after saving time and Balaji Ranghunathan went out of his way to help me - he was amazing!!!!"

- Cecilia Balchun

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