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Back to School: Use Buy With Prime to Get 10% Discount Applied At Checkout
Back to School: Use Buy With Prime to Get 10% Discount Applied At Checkout

Getting a look at LumiCharge 2.0 at CES

Charge any phone or device, with a rotating selector for the type of charging connector which can be Lightning, micro USB or USB-C. There are also two USB-A ports for charging other devices. You also get a 10 W Qi charger.

The Smart Lamp Perfect for Your Bed Side Table or Office Desk

What I have here is Gen I LumiCharge Smart Lamp. All I can really say is..well…I LOVE THIS LAMP!!! Why do I love it, you may ask? Well let’s talk features: it has a high quality LED light source 3 settings (soft white, white, and yellow,) touch sensitive light adjustment, motion sensor light (if I need to get up without turning on the light,) a charging wheel, and 2 extra USB ports in the back. 

Next-level cool for your tech-loving friend vor coworker

The innovative LumiCharge 2.0 LED lamp and multi-phone dock is a next-level cool for your tech-loving friend or coworker. A major space saver, this well-designed slim multi-purpose apparatus offers a wireless charging platform for your phone, three charging ports on a rotating wheel (plus another port in the back), a touch-sensitive lamp, a calendar, a timer, a clock, a temperature gauge and more. 

Lumicharge LD
Desk Lamp, Wireless Speaker, Phone Charger & More

I came across the Lumicharge LD smart lamp during the CES 2020 event this week. The lamp is multifunctional. It has a wireless smartphone charger on the top and a swiveling charging port which has USB C, Micro USB and Lightning Port options.

Cool Items You Didn’t Know You Need

Add a minimalist look with the Lumicharge V2.0 lamp! Not only can you enhance your workspace but you can stay on track with just one lamp! 

This Portable LED Smart Lamp Will Be Your
New Favorite Study Accessory

I was impressed with how instantaneously the smart lamp lit up with the current temperature, date, time and day. It's just so cool

The Writers Workbench

I also liked the Lumicharge desk lamp. There have been a lot of similar products around for a few years (and the company itself has a first generation lamp), but their new lamp has added a few tweaks and done it well. On the stem, it displays the day, time and weather. There are three types of light it can shine (bright white, soft white and soft yellow) and has a dimmer for those.

LumiCharge II Review:
Desk Lamp + Universal Smartphone Charger

If you’re one of the many people who has a desk lamp on your desk or night stand, the LumiCharge II would like to replace it. This crowdfunded (now in production) desk lamp tries to do pretty much everything, combining a multi-hue and multi-brightness LED lamp with a nightlight, universal smartphone charge stand, Q1 wireless charging, a USB charge port, and an LED display showing info such as time, date and temperature.

26 Last Minute Luxury Father’s Day Gifts You can Give Dad Well After the Holiday’s Over!

 This revolutionary gift features a universal phone-charging cell phone dock, extra USB port, several different hues, and varying levels of brightness perfect for Dad at home or work.

Home Is Where the 2020 Heart Is With These Holiday Gifts

Help your person stay all charged and lit up! The LumiCharge LD is an all-in-one lamp that is eye-friendly and has a Bluetooth speaker and phone charger (two at a time)

LumiCharge LED Lamps Light Up CES 2020

LumiCharge not only lights up our lives brilliantly and without fail, it also understands our desire to reduce the size of our ecological footprint. The company’s newest line was introduced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and we were lucky enough to get a closer look at all the new features.

Free Up Desk Space with a Lumicharge® LED Desk Lamp #sweet2020

Is your work or desk space limited? Every inch of mine is considered prime when I get things spread out on a project. That’s why I am in love with my Lumicharge® LED desk lamp. This lamp is really a multi functional tool that takes up very little space on your workstation or desk. Let me explain how I can free up desk space with it.