Amazing Work from Home Tips

Amazing Work from Home Tips

Due to the pandemic, thousands of Americans across the country have converted their homes to offices. Work from home has become more common to help protect the health of everyone around them. Although this may be beneficial for a lot of people, making the transition for some people may be quite tough. Since your home is considered your rest environment, some people may easily get distracted or procrastinate on getting their workload done for the workday. Here are a few tips to help improve your work-life during the quarantine.

Dress for Success

First things first, to have a successful workday, it is necessary to dress for success. Dressing for success is an excellent way to get prepared for your workday. Typically, in the morning, getting ready for work helps wake up the body, which minimizes tiredness and fatigue within the body. Additionally, staying in your pajamas or casual wear may have you feeling a bit too comfortable in your work environment. For this reason, it is imperative to dress for success at all times. Following this tip is an excellent way to set the pace for your day.

Create a Work Environment

Equally important, it is necessary to create a good work environment for yourself. Studying or working from your bed is an easy way to fall asleep or get distracted. For this reason, it is necessary to create a replica of your work office in your own home. Creating this environment is an amazing way to separate business from enjoyment. When you get into your home office, this helps put a limit on the distractions in your home. Ultimately, once you begin to focus, this helps you achieve more work through the duration of your workday.

Eliminate Possible Distractions

Another way to create an excellent work from home environment is through eliminating the most distractions in your home. If you live in a noisy environment, aim to separate yourself from the loud areas during your workdays. Don’t forget to power off all electronic devices that are also distractions, such as your phone or laptop. Make sure to leave these items alone until your designated break periods or lunchtime.

Stay Charged with LumiCharge

Lastly, nothing says work from home more than LumiCharge all in one LED lamp. This product provides proper lighting for your work area while including a wireless charger, and a universal phone charger. By adding this lamp to your work environment, you don’t have to worry about the constant hassle of finding multiple outlets to charge your devices. You’ll be able to stay charged through your workdays and achieve all your business goals during the quarantine.


LumiCharge LD

The LumiCharge LD is a great all-round device that combines the convenience of a desk lamp, Bluetooth speaker, wireless phone charger, and voice control (through Alexa or Google Assistant) all in one convenient gadget that’s gorgeous to look at. 

LumiCharge T2W 

The LumiCharge T2W combines sleek modern design elements with function and beauty. With this desk lamp, you can charge your phone wire-free with our universal phone charging dock while enjoying music or other programming on the built-in Bluetooth speaker. And for a limited time, you can get it for just $49.

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