5 Ways a Smart Lamp Can Improve Your Life

5 Ways a Smart Lamp Can Improve Your Life

Smart lamps are super convenient and have many benefits. While their primary function is lighting up a room, there are many other ways they can improve your life and provided added convenience.


Here are 5 reasons why a smart lamp would be a good addition to your home

1 - Wireless Phone Charging

Our smart lamps have wireless phone charging built in for added convenience. So no additional cables or power outlet are required to charge your smartphones once you have your smart lamp connected to power.

2 - Full Calendar Display with Date, Time, and Temperature Settings

Eliminate the need for a separate clock or additional device. Get the information you need with one glance at your smart lamp’s display. 

3 - Bluetooth Speaker

There’s no need to buy a separate bluetooth speaker when you can use the bluetooth speaker on your smart lamp.

4 - Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

One of the many advantages of a smart lamp is being able to control it with Alexa or Google voice controls. This feature would also allow you to ask your favorite questions and get information on a variety of topics.

5 - Convenient all-in-one Device

The biggest advantage of having a smart lamp in your home is that they are great all-in-one devices that allow you to take advantage of multiple functions without needing any additional devices like chargers, stand alone speakers or alarm clocks.

Our top picks for Smart Lamps 

LumiCharge LD

The LumiCharge LD is a great all-round device that combines the convenience of a desk lamp, Bluetooth speaker, wireless phone charger, and voice control (through Alexa or Google Assistant) all in one convenient gadget that’s gorgeous to look at. 

LumiCharge T2W 

The LumiCharge T2W combines sleek modern design elements with function and beauty. With this desk lamp, you can charge your phone wire-free with our universal phone charging dock while enjoying music or other programming on the built-in Bluetooth speaker. And for a limited time, you can get it for just $49.

All our flagship smart lamp devices come enabled with Alexa so you can make the most of her skills while listening to music and charging your electronic devices. Enjoy a 20% storewide discount with coupon code LUMI20.

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