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5 Tips to Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life

Aug 31, 2020

5 Tips to Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life

Replacing your cellphone battery today is not like it used to be 15 years ago. Today, most cellphone manufacturers make it difficult for you to replace the lithium-ion battery in your phone. Between the cost (it’s not cheap) and the hassle of battery replacement, you’re better off taking good care of it that struggling with the hassle of trying to have it replaced due to negligence.

So here are 5 tips for improving your phone’s battery life. 

1 - Avoid draining your battery to 0%

Draining your battery all the way to zero puts a strain on the battery. A good habit is to charge your phone once it dips below 20%. Likewise, charging all the way to 100% is not recommended. The sweet spot is somewhere around 70%. 

2 - Don’t use your phone while charging

If at all possible, it is best to turn your phone off while charging. This is because heavy use while charging (example playing games or watching videos) can distort the charging cycle and can induce mini-cycles, where part of the battery continually cycles and deteriorates at a faster rate than the rest of the cell. 

3 - Avoid fast charging unless you absolutely need it

Fast charging, though no doubt convenient - is another charging practice that can put a strain on your phone’s battery life. Unless you need your phone charged urgently try using a standard charging device instead. 

4 - Turn down screen brightness

Screen brightness is another thing that can drain your battery life without you realizing it, causing you to charge it more frequently. On most devices, this is easily adjusted in your display settings.

5 - Reduce screen timeout

Cell phones typically include an option in the display settings that allows you to set the time before your screen times out. Keeping this below a minute will help to preserve your battery life and reduce charges. 

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