5 Father's Day Gift Ideas to Keep Him Productive

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas to Keep Him Productive

It’s tough to shop for fathers. But with the big day just around the corner, it’s time again to start searching for the perfect gift for the dad in your life. We can all use a boost in productivity from time to time. Why not give your dad the gift of productivity this year?

There are plenty of tools and gadgets we can use these days to up our productivity, and today we’re bringing to you five that we just know your dad will love. Check them out:

  1. A Portable Scanner - Doxie Go SE

One of the main causes of a messy office is papers strewn all over your desk. Get rid of loose papers, receipts, or photos in your office with the Doxie Go SE portable scanner. Simply scan your paper documents to your computer, an SD card, or straight to your email. 

And the best part? This device is lightweight and takes up about the space of a rolled magazine.

  1. The Rocketbook Core Notebook

If your dad is old-fashioned or is just unwilling to give up his pen and paper in this digital age (we’re in the same boat!), then the Rocketbook Core Notebook makes the perfect productivity gift for him. Simply write your notes with any Pilot Frixion line pen, scan them to your favorite cloud storage with the Rocketbook app, and wipe your notebook clean!

  1. Gotek: Wireless Rollable Keyboard with BT Speaker

The Gotek wireless keyboard and speaker connects easily to any mobile device with a screen size up to 10 inches. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy for you to carry around and work comfortably from literally anywhere. The keyboard and the speaker also work separately for convenience; so you can make last-minute edits or hop on a call wherever you are.

  1. SmartDesk mini

We’d all love to have a standing desk in our office, as the health benefits are endless. Sadly, they cost a fortune. Treat your dad to the SmartDesk mini - the perfect alternative to a standing desk. 

The SmartDesk mini is an affordable and portable adjustable table-top. It can convert any old desk to a standing desk in a matter of seconds, and it works great for both laptop and desktop.

  1. The Lumicharge LED Desk Lamp

Nothing kills productivity like poor lighting. The quality of light will affect your mood while you’re working, which will in turn affect the quality of your work. Whether your dad works from home or from the office, a good quality LED desk lamp is the perfect productivity gift for him.

The Lumicharge carries a variety of affordable, multipurpose LED desk lamps. The Lumicharge T2W, the Sonicharge, and the Lumicharge LD come with a LED lamp, a wireless phone charging dock, and a Bluetooth speaker.

Fathers play a vital role in our lives, and they too deserve to experience our appreciation on their special day. These productivity tools will work well as gifts for any dad - whether he’s a tech junkie or otherwise. Visit our website for even more ideas for productivity gifts and tools for your dad.
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