5 Awesome Back to School Gadgets You'll Need for Studying

5 Awesome Back to School Gadgets You'll Need for Studying

We all know that stocking up on back school items is far more fun than going back to school. With backpacks and highlights crossed off your list, it's time to get gadgets that will help to make studying as a student much easier. 

Unlike other tech products that you'll buy and never use, we found a list of five awesome back to school gadgets you'll actually use instead of leaving them in the box for next semester.

Kindle Built-In Front Light E-Reader

We've all been told that staring at the screen isn't good for our eyes, well now there's research proving your mom was right. Eyeque found that around 83% of American adults use digital devices more than two hours a day, and 53.1% say they use two digital devices at the same time. This can cause blurry vision, eye strain, and the need for glasses. 

One way to prevent this, use a Kindle with a built-in light reader. Each Kindle comes with a glare-free touchscreen that looks just like real paper. 

Now you can study on the go or at night without taking so many breaks in-between for your eyes. Amazon's Kindle comes with a 4GB storage, so you download and keep your notes and book all in one place.

LumiCharge - T2W

When school starts, it’ll be jam-packed with projects, group projects, and assignments. One way to manage through it all is to be organized. But how can you when there are devices spread all over your desk, and your charger seems to get tangled along the way. 

Instead, get everything you need with the fully functional LumiCharge-T2W. Add it to your next back to school purchase during our sale for just $49. This beautiful LED desk lamp isn't just for the show. It comes with a calendar to help you keep track of your time, dates, and temperature settings. 

Keep organized with its iWatch Holder, a built-in cup holder to store your pens, pencil, highlighters easily, and headphones. Enjoy your favorite music while you study with its speaker function and voice capabilities with Amazon Alexa/ Google. This LED light also comes with 3 Color Modes (Soft White, Bright White, and Soft Yellow)

Beats Solo3 Wireless Club Collection On-Ear Headphones

Listening to music while studying isn't just enjoyable, but the Stanford School of Medicine’s study found that "Music Moves Brain to Pay Attention." Listening to music allows you to focus on your best. But to experience good music, you need good headphones. 

Enhance your studying experience with  Beats Solo3 Headphones. Not only does it look cool, but it's designed for the ultimate music experience with ultra-comfortable ear cushions and 40-hour battery life so they not only fit perfectly, but you can have them on for those long hours of studying and all-nighters. 

Grab these headphones for only $199.95 on the official website, plus they come in four bold colors so you can pick and choose a color that fits your everyday style.


Another great back to school addition is the LumiCharge-LD desk lamp with a voice-controlled LED and phone charger. This device is perfect for study groups as it allows you to charge two phones at once. The LumiCharge-LD has one of the fastest wireless charger capabilities for both iPhone and Androids. 

The LumiCharge-LD is not only an eye-friendly LED lamp, but it comes with multiple colors and brightness controls so you can read and study without worrying about damaging your eyes. Add this multi-functional LED lamp to your smart home devices collection and pair it with Alexa or Google.


Keep your phone fully charged at home without getting stuck at an outlet. Instead, try the SonicCharger. This at-home accessory makes getting ready for school even easier with a universal wireless charger. Just turn the dial, choose the phone type, and dock your phone to charge. You can also charge your phone with two additional USB ports while you work. 

You can get your own SonicCharger with a 20% discount storewide on your next purchase. Use the code: LUMI20 at checkout, and we'll do the rest.

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