3 Amazing Benefits of Our Lumicharge T2W Smart Lamp - lamp with wireless charger

3 Amazing Benefits of Our Lumicharge T2W Smart Lamp

Over at Lumicharge, we offer a variety of technological devices that will revamp your office and home décor. You can light up any space with our LED smart lamps, and charge any smartphone device with our Universal Phone Dock. There are countless benefits to our innovative products! We are going to take a closer look at our Lumicharge T2W Smart Lamp and its useful features:

Eye-Friendly LED Lighting System
When you’re searching for a desk lamp for your office or home, you want one that is safe for your health. Prolonged hours in the office means more time sitting under the lamp, and if it is not eye-friendly it can lead to headaches, fatigue, and eye strain.

All our smart lamps use LED lighting systems that have adjustable settings so you can dim or brighten them as needed. Our Lumicharge T2W offers optimal directional lighting with three different hues and ten levels of brightness, ensuring that you have the lighting that you need for any setting.

Wireless Phone Charger
There’s nothing more annoying than a charger that is too short to reach your preferred position. You can look for 6ft or 10ft charging cables, but their charging efficiency and durability don’t compare to the wireless phone charger built into this one-of-a-kind smart lamp. Known as the ‘Best LED Desk Lamp with a dock charger in the market,’ our Lumicharge T2W will help you declutter any space while keeping your phone battery juiced up!
The built-in 10W Qi fast wireless charger is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Google, and other phones with wireless charging capabilities. Say bye-bye to twisted cables, and hello to an organization and open space!

Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
As if this smart lamp wasn’t diverse enough, it also contains a Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy your favorite tunes. There’s no need to have various devices on your desk because this all-in-one lamp takes up very little room, and has everything you need. You can also pair your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant directly to your Lumicharge T2W to access their voice features. This special smart lamp also comes with a Micro SD-Card and Auxiliary Audio input so you can truly pair any device to get that music booming’! Our hassle-free design makes your life easier, better, and overall brighter.

Whether you are a student, business owner, or simply someone who likes to read before going to bed, you’ll appreciate all that this smart lamp has to offer! It has a beautiful high gloss metallic finish, a full calendar display, and a pre-programmed daylight savings feature. A bonus – its dynamic design contains an iWatch Holder + Cup Holder for pens, pencils, reading glasses, and more! Get your gadget now!
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