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What's in my college backpack?

Oct 09, 2021

What's in my college backpack?

Laptop - Lumicharge

You will need a laptop no matter what your major is nowadays.
This is one of the most critical college backpack necessities.
Even if some old-school professors insist on handwritten notes, you'll still need a laptop for homework and assignments. You will save time and avoid the stress of trying to find a computer on campus if you use your laptop.

Re-Usable Water Bottle and a Travel Mug

Re-Usable Water Bottle and a Travel Mug


Of course staying hydrated during the day is critical, so don't forget to carry a water bottle  as well as a travel cup.
Because they have a perfect seal and keep everything either extremely hot or extremely cold throughout the day, Hydro flask travel mugs are ideal for bringing in your backpack. 

Notebooks,  Folders & Extra papers

Notebook & files

The meat and potatoes of your school supplies are your paper, notebooks, and folders. You'll need them on campus at all times! They're where you'll keep all of your schoolwork, notes, projects, and anything else you'll need on campus.

Scientific Calculator
At some time throughout their college career, nearly every student will require the use of a good scientific calculator. Texas Instruments produces some of the most advanced scientific calculators on the market. You'll need to spend some money on a nice calculator, but it's almost a college must.

A Custom Emergency Kit
Makeup kit
Making your emergency kit will save your life! Not literally... but you get the idea. Make sure to buy a tiny travel bag to store everything in, and make sure you buy everything in travel sizes!


Air pods


Always have a pair of headphones or earbuds on you. Why?

Because guess what happens if you want to study in a coffee shop during peak hours? There will be a slew of people and students talking about completely unrelated topics, distracting you.

Make a study playlist and tune out the rest of the world! (Or, you know, finish those video lectures you've been putting off.)

Hand Sanitizer & Antibacterial Wipes

Hand sanitizer

Let's face it: college campuses are filled with germs, especially in light of the current pandemic. Campuses were infested with germs even before the crisis.

It is not as clean as it appears in the classroom, library, student union, and everywhere else in between.

Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in a classy small pouch.



Lumicharge-LD is an Eye friendly LED Lamp with a Wireless/Bluetooth Speaker to pair your phone for music. It is a Wireless dock charger, a Clock display with dimmable backlight, voice-controlled through Alexa and Google Assistant to control light. It Charges two phones at the same time.