VIDEO: LumiCharge Review: The Smart Lamp Perfect for Your Bed Side Table or Office Desk

VIDEO: LumiCharge Review: The Smart Lamp Perfect for Your Bed Side Table or Office Desk

LumiCharge: The Smart Lamp for Your Home

LumiCharge. YBLTV Review by Laura Kirani.

What I have here is Gen I LumiCharge Smart Lamp. All I can really say is..well…I LOVE THIS LAMP!!! Why do I love it, you may ask? Well let’s talk features: it has a high quality LED light source 3 settings (soft white, white, and yellow,) touch sensitive light adjustment, motion sensor light (if I need to get up without turning on the light,) a charging wheel, and 2 extra USB ports in the back. The lights on this lamp are definitely much brighter than the old fashioned lamp, much more mobility, smaller and much more powerful.

Now, if I did have any cons, they are fixed in the upcoming Gen I Version 1.1 coming in March / early April. Changes we will see in version 1.1 are:

  1. Buttons to set the clock are moved to the front.
  2. Display/Clock light— will come with a Dimmable option to adjust the clock light brightness to dull or all the way OFF 
  3. Pre-programmed daylight savings for North America and some parts of Europe till 2029.
  4. Multiple Alarms Option: Daily, 5-day, and 7-day 
  5. Metal Arm, The base of the unit is plastic and the upper arms will be metal.
  6. Deeper connection socket to allow cell phones with cases (most cases). 
  7. Option to turn on/off of the night light sensor. This will be a separate switch that doesn’t control the clock light.
  8. Wide angle rotation of the lamp arm (wider than the original Gen I)
  9. Optional – Accessory Clip holder for iWatch

“LumiCharge the smart lamp of my life”- Laura Kirani, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer / Anchor @Lkirani91

LED Desk lamp with motion sensor

LumiCharge. YBLTV Review by Laura Kirani.

Also coming out will be Version 2.0 / Gen II that will include all the above features as well as Wireless Qi Charging. I cannot wait to see how the upgrades will make this lamp better. Love this Product!

If you are interested and looking to purchase the new and improved Gen II for yourself, follow this link: Here

One last thing! If you are interested in the Gen II put a hold on one for $1, once the lamp becomes available you will get it for the price of the Gen I ($99 instead of the full price of $149)


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer / Anchor, Laura Kirani, received LumiCharge for free from LumiCharge in consideration for a Product Review.

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