Tips for Managing Online Schooling for Kids

Tips for Managing Online Schooling for Kids

2020 has been full of surprises. As we enter a new year, it’s important that we improve how we do things in order to maximize success. Even though we are living through a global pandemic and our social lives have been derailed, it’s important to create a sense of normalcy during these times. If you have a child (or multiple) at home, the switch from in-person schooling to virtual learning can be quite the struggle. If you’re having a hard time adjusting to online schooling, you are not alone. Here are some tips that can make the process easier for both you and your children:

Create A Daily Plan

Changing your living room or kitchen into a classroom environment can be the most difficult part of the transition. Once you have dedicated a space in your home to be the new classroom, your children can compartmentalize that it’s time for learning, and not time to relax. It’s also a good idea to create a daily plan or to-do list with tangible goals so that your student is motivated to cross each task off the list. It will be both motivating and rewarding to tackle each assignment and feel accomplished once they are all complete.

Encourage Movement

It may seem like the best option is to put your child in a makeshift school desk with a computer, paper, and pen for 8 hours … However, it’s important to encourage movement to mimic the classroom environment. Students get up and switch papers, perform demonstrations, read out loud, and present projects when they attend school in person. To instill a sense of reality, make sure to encourage movements to get up and sharpen the pencil, or take a short recess to help your students recharge and restore focus.

Provide Positive Feedback

This may seem like an easy task, but most parents forget to provide positive feedback because they are stressed out and just want the assignments to be complete. Make sure that you are patient, understanding, and help them learn rather than tell them what needs to be done. A few ‘good jobs’ and ‘great work’ can go a long way, and your child will want to stay on task to make you proud. Your children will also feel validated by the feedback.

If they tried hard to get the work done and understand the content, be sure to let them know you noticed. By encouraging a growth mindset, you remind your kids that it's not about being good or bad at something, but stress the importance of working diligently to get better at it. This can truly go a long way for distance learning!

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