How Office Lighting Affects Productivity and Mood

How Office Lighting Affects Productivity and Mood

How Office Lighting Affects Productivity and Mood

Lighting plays a vital role in all aspects of our lives. It helps to regulate our mood throughout the day and determines how well we focus on work. There’s a reason we get so excited to welcome the summer after an extended period of autumn and winter.

When it comes to natural lighting, a bright sunny day often inspires a positive and cheerful mood, while a dark cloudy day usually results in feelings of gloom. The same is true for office lighting. Proper office lighting produces incredible benefits for workers. And the effects of poor office lighting can hardly be ignored.

Here are four interesting benefits of good office lighting:

- Productivity increases by 16%.

- Job satisfaction goes up by 24%, which results in fewer days taken off.

- Employee comfort increases by 15%.

- The energy cost for the business decreases by 22%.

How Lighting Can Improve Your Mood, Productivity & Health

If you are looking to improve your office lighting (you should be), there are some simple tips you can use to get started. Here are four ways you can improve your lighting:

Turn down overhead lights. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much light. When we are exposed to more light, this creates what’s called a ‘disability glare’, which makes it even harder for us to see things clearly.

Use OLED (Organic LED) lighting. This is the type of lighting used in flat panel lighting and high-end tablets. This type of lighting is much easier on our eyes than conventional bulbs.

Use as much natural light as possible. Natural light reduces strain on our eyes, so it’s good to get as much as you can. This may be difficult in some offices, but consider opening windows or implementing windows that let in more lights while they are closed.

Use more flexible lighting. The ideal amount of lighting varies from person to person and on the task at hand. Someone working on a computer will have different needs from someone sorting physical documents.

That’s why it’s best to have flexible lighting options, where the brightness level and color of the light can be adjusted for each person. Adjustable desk lamps like this voice-controlled LED lamp and this dimmable LED lamp, also save on electricity, as you no longer need lighting for unused spaces.

Proper lighting is vital to workers’ productivity and mood in the office. Whether it’s a corporate or home office, proper lighting is a required investment. Visit our online store for a variety of lighting options for office needs.

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