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3 Advantages of Having a Cell Phone

There are approximately 9.82 billion mobile phones around the world. Cell phones have become an integral part of society, especially when it comes to smartphones and their capabilities. 94% of all Americans have cell phones, which means that 9 out of 10 people have a cell phone on them, ready to connect and communicate. Some would consider their phone as their best friend. They are pretty dependable, as long as they have enough battery life when you need them. Continue reading to know more about the advantages of having a cell phone:



An obvious benefit of having a cell phone comes down to its number one use and initial purpose — communication. Looking beyond traditional phone calls, smartphones give you the access to communicate with others across the globe via social media channels, apps, texting, and more. Back in the late 1800s when the telephone patent was developed, no one ever anticipated the technological advancements that would take us to where we are today. Communicating with family, friends, and strangers has become the new norm in the 21st century. 


Photos & Videos:

Cellphones in this day and age now dual as cameras and video recorders. If you have a modern smartphone, it can hold large amounts of storage; From photos and videos to contacts and apps. Some phones are even equipped to hold 512 GB or more. In simple terms, if you have a 32 GB smartphone, it can store 400 photos. If you have 512 GB storage, it can hold roughly 192,000 photos… WOW! Cellphones are truly remarkable devices that can store both photos and videos that you can access at the touch of your fingertips. 



If you have a lot of responsibilities throughout the day, you may keep a to-do list on hand. But, what happens if you forget to review the list and miss an important appointment, meeting, or task? This is where reminders come in. Smartphones have the capability to set reminder notifications and let you customize the notes, sounds, colors, and more. They have a built-in “smart lists” tab so you can see reminders for a specific day. You get to select the time, date, and even location for your device to alarm you when needed. You can conquer organization and structure with this productive feature!

It doesn’t matter if you are an Apple or Android enthusiast, owning a smartphone is truly a special gift. We can thank Alexander Graham Bell, the creator, and patent holder of the first telephone, for his thoughtfulness and innovation. If you’re looking for creative ways to boost the usefulness of your phone, check out our devices over at Lumicharge! All of our smart lamps feature wireless chargers for your smartphones, along with so many other features. 

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