The LumiCharge Is the Only Desk Lamp You'll Ever Need. Here's Why...

The LumiCharge Is the Only Desk Lamp You'll Ever Need. Here's Why...

Shopping for a new desk lamp or a lamp for your nightstand has never been easier.

If you’ve been shopping around for the perfect desk lamp, then look no further, because the LumiCharge LED desk lamp will upgrade your work space like never before. Most people don’t expect much when they look for a desk lamp. They just want something to light up their space, but this lamp gives you so much more than that. This lamp lights up your life. With the LumiCharge, you not only get a high quality lamp, but a phone charger, a USB port, a clock, and a motion-activated light. Who wouldn’t want a lamp that makes working more convenient?

Universal Cell Phone Charger

One of the many great features that the LumiCharge has to offer is a built-in micro USB phone charger. Sitting at the front of the lamp, this handy charger turns it into a phone dock as well as a desk lamp. When working, you can prop your phone up in front of you to see any important messages that come in while it charges. This is particularly useful because it actually reduces clutter in your workspace.

LED desk lamp with wireless charger

In addition to the micro USB charger on the front of the lamp, the LumiCharge also has two USB ports on the back that can be used for extra phone chargers or any other USB cords that you might need in your workspace. These additional USB ports make the lamp that much more useful, allowing you to charge and plug in a variety of devices. You won’t need to clog up your computer with these cords anymore. Instead, they can be set aside and plugged into your lamp.

Three Color Modes

The LumiCharge also goes above and beyond in its capabilities as a lamp. It has three color modes to make your work experience more enjoyable. You can choose between cool, warm, and a bright white light. You can adjust the light to match the type of work you're doing, the time of day, or your mood, ensuring the brightness and color of the light is optimal for any situation.

LED table lamp with Dimmable lights

Along with the three different color modes, the LumiCharge allows you to adjust the brightness of the light with 10 different brightness settings. This, of course, is a great feature because you won’t always want or need to be working in extremely bright conditions. Sometimes, however, your work will call for a brighter light. These brightness settings create yet another customizable option to fit in your room and meet your needs.

Many Display Features

There is a display screen on the front of the LumiChard LED lamp that shows you the time and date, as well as the day of the week and even the temperature. All of these display features make it convenient for you to just glance over at your lamp and see all of the most important details of your day. With this lamp next to you, you’ll be prepared for anything in the day ahead.

Another great feature of the LumiCharge is the built-in motion senor, which can be turned on or off. With this feature on, your light will turn on anytime you come near your desk. You won’t even have to bother flipping a switch. Also, if the room is dark, you won’t have to worry about running into things as you walk into the room, and you won't waste energy by forgetting to turn it off on your way out. The LumiCharge has you covered.

A Sleek Design

The sleek design of the LumiCharge lamp makes it an excellent choice for any office. It looks professional, and easily matches just about any office decor, without taking up a lot of space on your desk. It is a desk lamp filled with practicality.


If you’ve been working under a basic desk lamp for years—or even worse, working without a desk lamp at all—you will be in awe of the difference in the LumiCharge. Each feature provides added convenience to your life and will keep your work space free from clutter and disarray.

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