Lumicharge Is Now Available in B8TA Stores!

Lumicharge Is Now Available in B8TA Stores!

When the makers of the Lumicharge first came up with the idea they needed financial backing to make it happen, so they went to Indiegogo. Their aim was somewhat modest – they needed to raise $20,000 dollars to bring their ideas to life. As both an inclusive funding platform Indiegogo was the perfect place to launch a crowdfunding project to get the business of the ground before using the marketplace platform as a way of getting this amazing product to tech aware consumers before they hit the mainstream. However, the reality far exceeded their expectations and, by the end, over $32,000 was raised by over 300 backers showing that there was a desperate need for a multifunctional lamp which would not only look great but serve a variety of different needs. Instant kudos for a multifunctional lamp!

 The Lumicharge is a game changer in terms of both convenience and functionality. The Lumicharge removes the need for different cables cluttering up your valuable work space. Not only is the Lumicharge a desk lamp, it also functions as a rotating phone charger for Google, Android and Iphones. It also has two USB ports and if that wasn’t enough, the LED bulbs offers ten levels of brightness in three different hues to meet all of your lighting needs throughout the day and night. There is an LED display which shows day, date time and temperature, and a built-in motion sensor so you don’t even have to turn the lamp on when you walk in the room because it will turn itself on. Amazingly, all of these features are offered within a single, portable lamp which is great for travelling with as it is really easy to pack.

 The early adopters of this technology were wanting to simplify an easily cluttered space in their lives. Who wants to see a desk full of equipment and cables? Who is tired of having to have multiple cables in different places so you can always keep your devices charged, or worse, having to take the same cable around with you all the time? A streamlined, uncluttered desk speaks volumes about who you are as a person. It allows you to focus on what is important whilst disregarding the more mundane.

The Lumicharge is ideal for professionals and for families. It allows you to work and play in comfort anywhere in your home or office, or even elsewhere. The sleek, clean, modern look will instantly upgrade your desk or office wherever you are working. If you are at home and using the Lumicharge with your family then the LED lamp means that it is really safe for children to use because the bulbs won’t get hot like traditional bulbs would, and because the Lumicharge reduces the need for cable clutter it reduces the chance of expensive, hard to replace phones from being damaged – how many of us have accidentally pulled our phones off the counter when they are being charged by regular plugs and cables?! It really is a great solution for anyone who is looking to minimise their desk clutter.

The Lumicharge makes a great gift too. With the start of the new academic year approaching, followed by Christmas a few months after that, it’s the perfect time to stock up on these to give out as gifts. You can even be a tactical gifter with this item. If you’re tired your loved one having a constantly untidy workspace then give the Lumicharge as a gift and hopefully they will take the hint!

Of course, it was inevitable that a product as great as this would soon have to find a way to reach a larger, some might say more mainstream audience – it seemed wrong to keep such a great product from people! As a natural next step for the product the time came for it to reach a wider audience through an alternative selling platform. As a result, the Lumicharge is now available in one of the most technologically innovative stores in the US. b8ta is stocking the lamp online and in stores in five locations around the US in Seattle, Santa Monica, Corte Madrea, Houston and Austin. As b8ta themselves say, they are “designed for discovering, trying and buying the latest tech products” and it is expected that the Lumicharge lamp will be an instant success. It simplifies life, it is convenient, it is sleek and it meets a whole variety of needs.  It is perfection in a lamp. Well, to be more accurate it is perfection in a multi-functional lamp.

You can buy Lumicharge in B8TA stores or Amazon

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