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Bring a Bright Smile on Fathers Day with Lumicharge


The Lumicharge community loves to share their experience and recommendations, we have gathered the best video reviews and written recommendations for you to view below.

Starsamazing Lamp But 1 Tiny Flaw - Easily Fixable

"I purchased this product last week, and it arrived exactly on time. In the 3 days that I've had this, I've grown to love it. The endless customizable features make this an exceptional product. The display is linked to the motion sensing light on the front (which they don't tell you up front, but it's not a big deal). The display is also very bright."

- Anne

Love Every Features About This Led Lamap + Phone Charger

"This is one of the cool LED lamp and phone charger combination. Very nice quality and plenty of features built in. The dimmable display with all the details is useful when I am doing my homework. I can charge my iPhone and my type C phone. Very cool design to say. There is one more USB in the back"

- Waisna Thach

All-In-One Lamp For Desk/Nightstand

I use the lamp on my nightstand. I'd consider another one for my desk. I can have a reading lamp or a night-light. Charge my iPhone, Charge my iPad, and at a glance, I can see time, day, date, and temperature.

- Brannikka

Excellent Led Desk Lamp & Phone Charger That Does Many Things!!

"I bought this LED lamp as a gift for father's day and i can't be any happier on how much he liked it. it has a cool phone charging dock that can charge iphone and other phones (as my dad has 2 phones). The motion sensor night light is a very nice and useful additional feature that lights up in the dark when detecting movement in the room/bedside area, etc."

- Amy H. Vu

Very Light Weight

"All the features work as described, satisfied. Did not give it 5 stars as I am concerned about the light weight of the plastic housing and base. If it gets knocked off a table top and lands on a hard floor, I fear it might break."

- Jan A.

Outstanding Service From The Seller. Very Good Lamb.

The first lamp I received do not function correctly. I contacted the seller and they immediately sent me a replacement. Outstanding service the new one works fine.

- Steven F Constine

Nice Addition To Desk

"Likes: Very stylish, dust wipes off easily. Set the clock 3 months ago and has kept perfect time. My Galaxy 9 charges very fast. Dislikes: Have to remove case from phone to charge. Clock could be easier to set."

- Jeff O.

Love This Desk Lamp!

"I work from home and my work area is not well lit, but this lamp definitely helps! It puts off a bright light (which is dimmable) that illuminates my work space. I love that it has a clock and calendar and I can even set an alarm if needed. Plus, it has a phone charger built-in and a plus for another USB cable. The silver gives the design a modern touch, but it would work with a lot of decor."

- Rae

My Favorite Accessory!

"I would like to offer you my honest opinion on the LumiCharge All-in-One LED Desk Lamp, Wireless Charger, and Universal Phone Charging Station. This lamp has definitely been a game changer for me. Now of I'm actually being honest, before I recieved it, I was a bit skeptical. But after actually getting it, hooking everything up, setting it to my liking, I have to say, it has for sure made me a believer!"

- Tryguy

Super Functional And Very Versatile Light

"I've been using this light at my desk in my office and I have to say that I love it. This light has so many great features and it great for multiple area types. The light is a white LED and is bright and helps me see things clearly. I also like that it has a small "footprint" so it doesn't take up very much space. The phone charging feature is a very clever addition to this light. The wireless charging more"

- Adventuresat179

Great Desk Lamp With A Ton Of Extras

"The LumiCharge RC-1612-356-WI-GRY All-in-One LED Desk Lamp, Wireless Charger, and Universal Phone Charging Station (Silver/Metallic Gray) is a great desk lamp with a ton of extra features. This lamp is sort of a one device does everything piece of equipment. I'm a teacher and I don't have ton of room on my desk for cords, clocks, calendars, etc. because of everything else I've got on it, including my computer."

- Brightlight4

Versatile! Classy Looking. Slow Charger Option

"This thing is like put of space magazine!! I love the design which is sleek and interesting. It folds down to close illumination. It is touch sensitive for lights. It has a rotating bed of charger options which will allow you to charge almost any phone."

- Momofboys

Nifty / Modern Looking And Functional Lamp

"This desk lamp is a great lamp that has multi functions and a sleek design / look. I like how the light folds out and also has a phone charger (for the standard iphone lightning port, as well as micro USB etc...) There's a light / motion sensor to help it turn off / on if needed, and on the arm that holds up the light, it shows the date and time and temperature. There's also a dimmer on the light."

- Kccsyc

Lumicharge All In One Lamp

"I received the Lumicharge All in One LED Desk Lamp from Spark Reviewer in exchange for my honest opinion.
I put this desk in my son's room and he instantly fell in love with this lamp. It's small enough to not take up a lot of space. Its flexible. You can move it different ways."

- Geminidiva77

Feature-Packed Lamp

"The LumiCharge lamp and charging station has been extremely helpful for our setup. We placed it on the table next to our bed so it serves as a nightstand light, desk lamp and phone charger. I like how I am able to control the brightness and temperature of the light by touching the base of the lamp."

- Takoyakiplease

Wow!!...The Coolest Desk Lamp Ever.

"I received this item from the Spark Reviewer program and was asked to provide an unbiased review. The LumiCharge V1.1 All In One LED Desk Lamp and Universal Phone Charging Station is a very well-designed and sophisticated desk lamp. This is the most impressive work light that I have ever used. This lamp is packed with features. First, the modern style and design is very eye appealing."

- Montyrcfrd

Love Everything About This Led Light!

"I actually have an older model of this light (by LumiCharge) which I use on my piano to read music by and I love it. I looked into getting another for my desk in my home office/bedroom last year and decided against it for one reason: the night light.

- Hotflashvickie

Neat Little Lamp

"This lamp is great. I enjoy having the different color lights on it. Specially after a long day and my eyes are tired. The charging station work well with android and apple. My only gripe is it leaves finger prints on the base when pushing tje buttons."

- Kaz

Super Great Desk Lamp

"I have never been so amazed as I am with this desk lamp, this lamp is everything and more. It has a charging station for your phone also. It's attractive and displays the time, date, day of the week and temperature. It's sleek unique design will leave you in awe. I am so happy with this lamp. You can dim the light on the display to your desired tone. This is the best bedside table lamp I have ever owned."

- Lolo57

Really Nice Desk Lamp!

"This desk lamp was a welcome addition to my office. I do things that require a lot of light and attention to detail. I have over head lights but sometimes find myself still need additional light. This fit that bill perfectly. It is slender to fold out of my way and provides different light temperatures making it a perfect solution. It has bonus features of a cell phone charger with 3 different style inputs for different phone types."

- Thewanderers

Great Desk Lamp That Does More !

"Received this desk lamp as a member of the Spark Reviewer Program. It is sleek, lightweight and very bright. This lamp does everything: motion sensor, temperature indicator, charging station, alarm clock and calendar. This would a great gift for the graduates in your life or a senior who needs some seriously bright light by which to read or sew or whatever."

- Bargaindiva

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

"This lamp has everything, alarm clock, date, day of the week, temperature, night light, three type phone charger (mini usb, usb type c and Iphone), multiple point articulating, variable led light. Where it shows the clock, date etc. it has three levels of dimming and off, but the brightest isn't too bright for sleeping."

- Leedad06


"This lamp is fantastic! There are so many features that we love! First, it's a touch lamp. You can tap the base to turn it on, adjust the light, and turn on the clock/date light. It's super sensitive. So, you barely have to touch it to use the features. There are three light choices - yellow, white, and blue. My favorite is that it's a universal charging station."

- Blueangeleyes5

My New Favorite Desk Ornament!

"This lamp is my new favorite desk toy! It's great! It makes my desk look super professional. I love that it charges my phone, too. It has the date, time, day, and temp all displayed on the screen. What more could you need in a desk lamp!? It's VERY easy to set up and use."

- Lexinifo

Great Features

"I was pretty exciting to receive this lamp, I thought it was going to be the wireless charger one but it isn't. Anyways, as soon as I connect my IPhone X Max the clock got all set up, the sensor is great you can turn it on or off. The light tones is a great feature, you can change it from white to warms."

- Jecalita


"This is an awesome addition to my night stand as I have a 5 month old and for middle of the night it's nice to see the time and have the light... downside is I haven't figured out how to shut off the motion detector as we have dogs and the baby moves around a lot at night and it will turn on and wake him up! It has cool features as dim light, charger for your phone! Most def recommend"

- Lls69

Great All In One

"This Lumicharge All in one is great! LED light that has 3 different types of lighting to choose from- daylight, (kind of yellowish glow), soft white, & bright white that can also be adjusted high to low levels. The charging station has 3 different charge nubs (you rotate a dial to select the one you need) to fit Android or iPhone."

- Mommaceta5


"I got it yesterday, cant wait how the features working and I surprised of having lots features with this awesome office lamp, it has time, calendar, alarm and temperature. They have smart phones charger, usb, ipad, laptop, iPhone, etc, wow this is amazing. Theres also motion sensor and cut it self in 5sec. Thank you Walmart with this great stuff.I couldn't get any happier."

- Nhida

Love It

"This lamp is great and it does EVERYTHING!!! It charges my phone and it tells me the time, date, even temperature. I like that it glows at night so I can actually see the time, unlike my old clock. It also has a motion sensor so I dont trip at night."

- Superbusymomma10