LumiCharge II: All in One LED Lamp & Phone Charger

What is it?

The LumiCharge is an LED desk lamp with extra features.

Why do I like it?

I like the LumiCharge because it’s a multi-tool lamp. In addition to functioning as a desk lamp, it is also a Qi wireless charger, a universal phone charger for lightning/iPhone, USB-C and Micro USB Smart Phones, and it also has a builtin display with the time, date, and temp.

Where can I find more info?

The LumiCharge campaign ends on 5/2/19 they have already met their funding goal of $10,000. You can pre-order a LumiCharge starting at $99. After the LumiCharge campaign ends, rewards are estimated to start shipping in June 2019. Visit their Indiegogo page for all the details.