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Gift Guide for Men under $99 - #giftsforhim

Braun essential grooming kit :

With this Braun multi-grooming set, he may enjoy the wonderful barbershop shaving experience in the comfort of his own home. It includes Gillette's revolutionary Heated Razor, as well as basics for beard trimming and hair clipping. The cutting-edge razor warms up in under a second, providing constant soothing heat and a pleasant sensation to the skin for a silky-smooth, close shave.

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Self-cleaning water purifying bottle :

This is a gift he'll be sure to utilize on a daily basis. That's how fantastic it looks, feels, and tastes! The LARQ water bottle is as fashionable as it is cutting-edge. UV-C LED light is used in the bottle to remove up to 99.9999 percent of bio-contaminants from the water. As a result, he'll be able to keep healthy and hydrated throughout the day.

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LumiCharge - T2W:

LED Desk Lamp with 3 Color Modes that may be adjusted. It's a lamp with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a complete Calendar display, and settings for Date, Time, Day, and Temperature. Connect your LumiCharge to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and use their voice features through LumiCharge— T2W.

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Morse Code Bracelet :

Engrave a personalized message in Morse code on this bracelet that only the two of you will comprehend. Consider it your (stylish) little secret.It can be difficult to find jewelry for your man. But don't worry, we've got something for any man's taste. It's nostalgic, but yet refined and masculine. He'll adore the style and meaning behind it!

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15+ Serving Indoor/ Outdoor Electric Grill :

Get him a barbecue that he can take inside or outside with him. This George Foreman grill, which comes with an easy-to-remove stand, is equally at home at a tailgate party as it is in the kitchen. Adjustable Temperature Control - Choose from five heat settings on the temperature probe to achieve the best results on any type of food.

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