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Free Up Desk Space with a Lumicharge® LED Desk Lamp #sweet2020

Is your work or desk space limited? Every inch of mine is considered prime when I get things spread out on a project. That’s why I am in love with my Lumicharge® LED desk lamp. This lamp is really a multi functional tool that takes up very little space on your workstation or desk. Let me explain how I can free up desk space with it.

About Lumicharge®

The Lumicharge LED desk lamp is a versatile addition to any work area, office, or bedroom, providing dimmable lighting in a sleek design with high functionality. The included universal phone battery charger and two extra USB ports are perfect for families and people with various devices to charge. This innovative LED desk lamp with modern features aids nighttime reading, studying, and general work with illuminating delight.

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

This multi-functional desk lamp has several light levels as a smart Eye Friendly LED lamp. It is adjustable in brightness and direction. Both the V1 and V2 have the Universal Phone Charger with a wheel of different connections. The V2 also includes the 10W Fast Wireless Charger which quickly charges your phone simply by placing it on the tray.

The large LED display screen shows you the current time, date and day of the week, and the current temperature. Some of the functions include built in daylight savings, multiple alarm options, memory settings, and a motion sensor.

My Thoughts on the Lumicharge® LED Desk Lamp

One of the things I appreciate about this desk lamp is the clean light. LED light provides a clear light on my work surface. What I mean about a clean or clear light, is some light sources cast a yellowish or blue tint which distorts the images, drawings, or colors in my crafts or food photos. Don’t get me wrong, the “soft” light as they are called are great for when you need a light to watch a movie or as an overhead light. But for work, reading, or crafting; a bright clear light is best.

I also like the motion sensor of this lamp. It picks up motion and turns on the lamp which allows me to enter the room even when my hands are full without worrying about tripping. As soon as the motion stops, the light goes out. Don’t laugh but once I forgot that I had not tapped the light to come on and was seated in my chair and the light went out It came back on as soon as I reached for the light so I still didn’t tap the power button. After the light went out again, and I reached for the lamp…it dawned on me that it was the motion sensor coming on with my movement! So, yes you do have to touch the on button if you want the light to stay on. Or perhaps not if you are always in motion in your office.

Built in Conveniences

The convenience of the quick charge is the favorite thing on this lamp. I like being able to just set my phone down to be charged instead of having to open the case and plug it onto the wheel. Call me lazy, but my phone rings all day long and I don’t like having to plug in and then carefully unplug every time I want to use my phone. Now, I also like that I can charge a second device or even third (when using the USB port) all while sitting at my desk.

Overall, the Lumicharge® LED Desk Lamp is a super neat and amazingly handy LED desk lamp. It would make a great gift for anyone that needs their work space well lit. The additional features elevate this LED desk lamp far beyond just a great lamp. As you can see, it is really a multi functional tool that takes up very little space on your workstation or desk.

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